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Annual ReportMichael Spofford112,
Audio-VisualJuliette Brookfield120,
AutomationSteve Kenworthy111,
BarcodesAnja Bouchard118,
BillingMichael Spofford112,
Calendar ItemsBrenda Mooney110,
Cataloging/ProcessingKim Latour, Anne Jobin-Picard116, / 114,
CEFLS Board of TrusteesSteve Kenworthy111,
Children’s/Youth ServicesJuliette Brookfield120,
Computer Technical SupportDavid Fuller122,
Computer TrainingDavid Fuller122,
Construction ConsultingAnja Bouchard, David Fuller118, / 122,
Correctional FacilitiesAnja Bouchard118,
Delivery ProceduresKim Latour116,
Directory ChangesBrenda Mooney110,
Disabled – Services toAnja Bouchard, Juliette Brookfield118, / 120,
Ebook and E-Audiobook TrainingDavid Fuller122,
E-rateMichael Spofford, Anja Bouchard112, / 118,
Equipment LoanAnja Bouchard118,
Events CalendarBrenda Mooney110,
Grants & Funding SourcesAnja Bouchard118,
Interlibrary Loan (ILL)/Resource SharingKim Latour, Anne Jobin-Picard116, / 114,
Internet ConnectionsDavid Fuller135,
Internet TrainingDavid Fuller135,
Large Print MaterialsAnja Bouchard118,
Legislative Information/AdvocacySteve Kenworthy111,
Library EventsBrenda Mooney110,
Library ManagementSteve Kenworthy111,
Literacy ProgramsAnja Bouchard118,
Marketing MaterialsDavid Fuller122,
Member InformationSteve Kenworthy135,
Horizon Automation SystemSteve Kenworthy, Kim Latour111, / 116,
NewsletterDavid Fuller122,
Outreach ServicesAnja Bouchard118,
PlanningSteve Kenworthy111,
Press ContactSteve Kenworthy111,
Print and Copy ServicesAnja Bouchard, David Fuller118, / 122,
Rotating Collections – AudiotapesDavid Fuller122,
Rotating Collections – BooksAnja Bouchard114,
Rotating Collections – VideosJuliette Brookfield120,
State AidSteve Kenworthy111,
Strategic PlanningSteve Kenworthy111,
Summer Reading ProgramsJuliette Brookfield, Anja Bouchard120, / 114,
Technical SupportDavid Fuller122,
Van DeliveryAnja Bouchard118,
Visually Handicapped – Services forAnja Bouchard118,
WebsiteDavid Fuller110,
Weeding Consultation Anja Bouchard, Anne Jobin-Picard118, / 114,