Want to get teens involved with the library?

Here are 25 ideas to get their attention (and their participation):

  1. Let them know how to download an ebook or e-audiobook from the library.
  2. Research and download apps to your tablet or smartphone to share with teens.
  3. Start a Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, or Instagram account as a way to find and share with teens online.
  4. Have teens write a blog post about the library or library event to put online.
  5. Share info about sites that suggest new titles to read, like GoodReads, LibraryThing, or Shelfari.
  6. Have teens create a soundtrack or book trailer for their favorite book.
  7. Create a YouTube or Animoto video about the library or a particular book.
  8. Let teens know about nonfiction books on technology, art, history, or, cooking that might interest them.
  9. Have them contribute an article on Wikipedia.
  10. Have them create a podcast at the library.
  11. Find young adult authors that welcome messages from fans and have teens write to them.
  12. Have DVDs, CDs, or even video games available for teens to check out.
  13. Have teens write and share instructions for a skill they know on Instructables.
  14. Take something from Instructables and use it for a craft at the library.
  15. Have a teen-led club that meets at the library.
  16. Allow teens to create their own online blog at the library.
  17. Have teens sketch plans about a new piece of technology that would make life easier or better in some way. Maybe even try to build it!
  18. Learn the basics of coding at the library with free websites like Codecademy.
  19. Have teens suggest new items or events for the library to have.
  20. Allow teens to volunteer their time to tutor patrons with technology.
  21. Have teens create their own music with free software like LMMS on a computer.
  22. Promote a database for teens to research a subject they feel passionately about.
  23. Have teens create their own app to submit to the Congressional App Challenge.
  24. Allow teens to take classes on graphic design or digital photography.
  25. Have teens create a database of something they want organized.

Based on article from YALSA’s Teen Tech Week.

Maker Kits

Available to any library on request, these kits provide packaged hands-on learning opportunities without the large footprint or heavy cost. Contact David at CEFLS for more information or have one sent to your library.

Beading Kit

Maker Kit: Beading Kit

Want to try to make a pendant? Earrings? This Maker Kit allows you to tinker with wire and beads at your own pace without having to buy the tools necessary to get started.

Foam Tangrams

Maker Kit Foam Tangrams

Makey Makey

Maker Kit Makey Makey

Snap Circuits Jr.


Maker Kit: Snap Circuits Jr.

Create working circuits in minutes with Snap Circuits Jr.! This Maker Kit is great for kids to get some hands-on learning about how electricity works by making lights flash, fans spin, and speakers produce sound.

Straws and Connectors

Maker Kit Straws and Connectors

3D Printing Pen


Draw in 3 dimensions! Use this pen to create pieces of art with colorful filament in mintues. Includes laminated templates for you to practice your craft and create complex structures.

Wood Blocks

Maker Kit Wood Blocks