CEFLS has a number of items that can be used by one of the member libraries to support patron services. We also offer prepackaged activity kits for both individual patron use and for use within a library. We also have equipment to help facilitate activities within a library or events outside of a library that would normally be cost-prohibitive. If you have any questions or wish to request a specific item, contact Karen Batchelder (518-563-5190 ext. 20) or David Fuller (518-563-5190 ext. 22).

Big Idea Kits

The Mother Goose Big Idea Kits are collections of activities, toys, stories, and related items to stimulate and educate children.

Book Club in a Bag

Does your library have a book club? Are you looking to start one? The Clinton-Essex-Franklin Library System can provide you with everything your book club needs for your next discussion!

CEFLS loans books exclusively for libraries and local book clubs to use for their discussions. Books are checked out in a sturdy canvas bag containing 12 paperback copies of each title and a printed list of discussion questions. Each bag is checked out as a single item with multiple pieces, so the person or institution checking out the bag is responsible for all pieces being returned. Library staff should count all pieces at check-in and check-out.

Book Club in a Bag kits can be checked out for six weeks, and they can be picked up and returned at any CEFLS member library. Please make sure books are returned together with the bag, not separately.

Circulation Procedures for Library Staff (PDF)

Sign-out Sheet for Patrons (PDF)

Questions about the program or suggestions for future titles can be sent to Julie Wever.

Current titles:

Ellison Dies

Library staff are encouraged to use our dies to create attractive bulletin board displays, craft projects, and decorations. In addition to 3" letters of the alphabet, question marks, ampersands, parentheses, exclamation points, and numbers, we can cut the following:

• Apple • Footprint • School Bus
• Arrow • Ghost • Scroll
• Award • Halloween Cat • Shamrock
• Baby • Heart • Sleigh
• Barn • Horse • Snowflake
• Birthday Cake • House • Snowman
• Book Closed • Liberty Bell • Space Alien
• Book Open • Lion • Space Ship
• Bunny • Maple Leaf • Sun
• Castle • May Basket • Tag
• Chick • Open Hand • Teddy Bear
• Christmas Stocking • Pencil • Telephone
• Computer • Pencil Cap* • Tree
• Cube Maker* • Pop-up* • Turkey
• Egg Folded • Pumpkin • Umbrella
• Fire Truck • Rocket Ship
• Flower • Sailboat

* Indicates dies that can be used in combination with other dies.

Event Equipment

Want to have an event outside of the library but don't want to fight with the elements? Or need a table and chairs that will work outside? Perhaps you just want to draw attention to and area, but don't have any extra funds to get something? We have equipment that can be lent for just such occasions.

  • Artificial 4' Capensia bush in basket
  • Collapsible vertical sign reading "Libraries of Clinton-Essex-Franklin Library System"
  • E-Z UP 10 x 10' canopy with optional siding
  • Height-adjustable folding table, 48 x 24"
Flannel Board Stories

Our collections of flannel pieces that stick to a flannel board to enhance story times:

• ABC Medley - Includes: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star; Baa, Baa Black Sheep; Alphabet Song; Arabella Miller • Little Red Riding Hood
• Cinderella • Make Your Own Fairy Tale - Create your own story from the 48 pieces supplied
• Clementine • Mother Goose Rhymes #1 - Includes: Humpty Dumpty; Hey Diddle Diddle; Little Jack Horner
• Down By the Bay • Mother Goose Rhymes #2 - Includes: Little Miss Muffet; Mary Had a Little Lamb; Jack & Jill
• Eensie Weensie Spider • Mother Goose Rhymes #3 - Includes: King Cole; Little Boy Blue; Hickory Dickory Dock
• Gingerbread Boy • Old MacDonald
• Goldilocks and the Three Bears • Rumpelstiltskin
• Hansel and Gretel • Three Billy Goats Gruff
• I Know an Old Lady • Three Little Pigs
• Jack and the Beanstalk • Three Sillies
• Little Red Hen • Why the Evergreen Trees Never Lose Their Leaves
Jump Start Early Literacy Kits

These kits focus on the 5 simple activities that strengthen early literacy skills for Kindergarten readiness - talking, writing, reading, playing, and singing. Each kit includes tips for parents and ideas for additional activities.


Want to have coding in the library or perhaps a job-searching workshop, but you don't want to tie up public access computers? We have a collection of Chromebook laptops available to use wherever they're needed. With a simple interface, easy wireless setup, and lightweight design, you can have up to 11 of these set up in any area.

Maker Kits

Want to have a maker space or maker activities in your library but your budget can't cover it? Request a Maker Kit for your library or have a patron check it out themselves to partake in hands-on learning without the major cost.

Puppets/Stuffed Characters

Kits that include themed puppets and stuffed characters for story times:

Puppets/Stuffed characters only-

  • Arthur (Marc Brown's Arthur series)
  • Bumblebee
  • Butterfly/Caterpillar
  • Crab
  • D.W. (Marc Brown's Arthur series)
  • Elephant
  • Fireman
  • Fox
  • Francine (Marc Brown's Arthur series)
  • Grasshopper
  • Ladybug
  • Lilly (Kevin Henkes' Lilly series)
  • Octopus
  • Old Woman and the Fly
  • Rabbit (brown)
  • Rabbit (white)
  • Raccoon
  • Rat
  • Shaggy Dog
  • Snail
  • Spider
  • Tadpole
  • Tiger
  • Turtle
  • Wishbone
  • Witch


Puppets/Stuffed characters bundled with books and interactive materials-

Sensory Kits

Kits compiled with generous grant funding from the Autism Alliance of Northeastern New York. These kits contain materials, activities, and objects specifically catered to those on the Autism spectrum and their parents, caregivers, and siblings.