CEFLS has a number of items that can be used by one of the member libraries to support patron services. We also offer prepackaged activity kits for both individual patron use and for use within a library. We also have equipment to help facilitate activities within a library or events outside of a library that would normally be cost-prohibitive. If you have any questions or wish to request a specific item, contact Anja Bouchard (518-563-5190 ext. 118), Juliette Brookfield (518-563-5190 ext. 120), or David Fuller (518-563-5190 ext. 122).

While a general check of the contents/item categories would be greatly appreciated, we do not expect library staff to invest a great deal of time in this process. For example, if there is a deck of cards, please just make sure that cards were returned in the kit. It isn’t necessary to count all of the cards. If you notice that something small is missing (e.g., a cleaning cloth, pouch, printed instructions), please check the kit in and notify CEFLS staff about any missing components so that it can be addressed when it returns to the System. Thank you!

Baking Pans

Pans are expensive. Worse yet, if you’re not a professional baker, chances are you won’t use a specialty pan very often. So why not save some money for the important stuff and check out one of our baking pans free of charge with your library card the next time you need to bake a cake for someone’s birthday?

Book Club in a Bag Kits

Does your library have a book club? Are you looking to start one? The Clinton-Essex-Franklin Library System can provide you with everything your book club needs for your next discussion!

CEFLS loans books exclusively for libraries and local book clubs to use for their discussions. Books are checked out in a sturdy canvas bag containing 12 paperback copies of each title and a printed list of discussion questions. Each bag is checked out as a single item with multiple pieces, so the person or institution checking out the bag is responsible for all pieces being returned. Library staff should count all pieces at check-in and check-out.

Book Club in a Bag kits can be checked out for six weeks, and they can be picked up and returned at any CEFLS member library. Please make sure books are returned together with the bag, not separately.

Circulation Procedures for Library Staff (PDF)

Sign-out Sheet for Patrons (PDF)

Book Club in a Bag sets cannot be requested via Horizon. If you’d like to request a title for your library’s book club, contact David Fuller. Questions about the program or suggestions for future titles can be sent to Anja Bouchard.

Bulletin Board Kits

Have a bare bulletin board? We have kits specifically designed to highlight topics without you having to do the work of buying materials or researching articles. Each kits includes various board-worthy items to help you.

Coding Kits

Programming might sound complicated, but kids can explore the basic concept behind what makes everyday technology tick and learn how to code, even as young as 6 years old. Coding Kits provide easy-to-learn tools and engaging activities to find out that coding is more than 1s and 0s.

Ellison Dies

Library staff are encouraged to use our dies to create attractive bulletin board displays, craft projects, and decorations. In addition to 3″ letters of the alphabet, question marks, ampersands, parentheses, exclamation points, and numbers, the Ellison die cut machines can cut a myriad a shapes. Contact us for more details.

Mother Goose Big Idea Kits

The Mother Goose Big Idea Kits are collections of activities, toys, stories, and related items to stimulate and educate children. Check out a kit to help a child learn about how the weather and seasons change, how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, and more!

Empowering Girls Kits

It’s our hope that these kits will encourage girls to believe in themselves and their ability to achieve their goals. They have the power within themselves to do anything and be anything they choose!
Each kit will contain at least one doll, books, games, activities, and stories about women who have overcome obstacles and achieved success. Some of the kits highlight non-traditional careers for women. Click here to see all the kits on our catalog and request one to have it sent to your library.

Event Equipment

Want to have an event outside of the library but don’t want to fight with the elements? Or need a table and chairs that will work outside? Perhaps you just want to draw attention to and area, but don’t have any extra funds to get something? We have equipment that can be lent for just such occasions.

  • Artificial 4′ Capensia bush in basket
  • Collapsible vertical sign reading “Libraries of Clinton-Essex-Franklin Library System”
  • E-Z UP 10 x 10′ canopy with optional siding
  • Height-adjustable folding table, 48 x 24″
  • HDMI-compatible projector with built-in speakers
  • Collapsible projector screens
  • Extension power cables

Experience Kits

Experience Kits are bundles with everything a group might need for a fun gathering with books, DVDs, games, activities, decorations, and more. Enjoy a night in with one of these available kits.

Flannel Board Kits

Want to make story time more interactive for your child? Maybe to run a daycare or homeschool your child? These felt boards will make story times all the more fun.

Jump Start Early Literacy Kits

Want your child to have an early start on learning to read? These kits are a great place to start since they focus on the 5 simple activities that strengthen early literacy skills for Kindergarten readiness – talking, writing, reading, playing, and singing. Each kit includes tips for parents and ideas for additional activities.

Let’s Make Music Kits

Have a creative kid in your life that loves music? Rather than spend a fortune on different learning tools and instruments, help them find their passion with our Let’s Make Music Kits. Keyboards, guitars, ukuleles, drum pads, and even record players are available to check out for free with a library card.

Let’s Play Games Kits

Why spend your hard-earned cash on a board game you only use occasionally? Instead, request a game through your local library for your next family night in free of charge!

Maker Kits

Makerspaces are all the rage in the world of libraries these days. But what if you want some hands-on learning activities in the comfort of your own home? We have kits for all ages and abilities available to check out.

Museum Passes

Fort Ticonderoga Pass
Enjoy a 10% discount on general admission for up to 4 people when you check out a pass from a local library. Contact the library directly for more details.
Made possible thanks to a collaboration with Fort Ticonderoga.
www.fortticonderoga.org | info@fort-ticonderoga.org | 518-585-2821

High Falls Gorge Discount Pass
Each pass from your local library provides a 15% discount on general admission for up to 4 people. Contact the library directly for more details on how to check one out today.
Made possible thanks to a collaboration with High Falls Gorge.
highfallsgorge.com | info@highfallsgorge.com | 518-946-2278

Wild Center Discovery Pass
Select member libraries have Discovery Passes to The Wild Center available to check out! These passes may be borrowed with your library card and they provide a discounted admission price for up to two adults, and up to four youths, ages 5-17 (admission for young children ages 4 and under is always free). Be sure to make plans to check out this amazing local resource this summer.

More passes for other locations may be available through libraries within the region. You can find those that are entered into the online catalog hereContact your local library directly for more details.

Outdoor Flags

Ever feel like a good chunk of the population drives by without even looking at your building? We’ve got something to help with that. We’ve purchased five teardrop, double-sided signs that serve to highlight what kind of services and programs your library provides. Job searchers, students, people looking for a place to have a business meeting, seniors who need to learn about new technology, or just the average person who might not know about the library will notice these signs that stand higher than 7 feet tall. Each comes with a collapsible pole, folding base, and a water bag to weigh it down. The flags are easy to set up and have a sturdy design.

Photography Kit

Ever wanted to try out photography but scoffed at the price of an entry-level camera? Well, you can see if this hobby is for you free of charge with this kit! Click here to find it in the catalog and reserve it today. It includes plenty of useful items to hone your skills.

Prep for Success Kit

Put your best foot forward with our Prep for Success kit. Whether you need help with writing a resume, tips for job or college interviews, or just some accessories to make you feel professional and confident, this kit has you covered. It contains a messenger bag, a portfolio with note paper and a pen, resume paper, thank you cards, a guide on how to write a resume, a book on nailing an interview, and even a tie with instructions on how to wear it. Check out the kit free of charge.

Sensory Kits

Thanks to generous grant funding from the Autism Alliance of Northeastern New York, these kits were designed for children and teens on the Autism spectrum and for their families. From communication skills, to supporting family relationships, to succeeding in education and life, these kits were made to help.

Storybook Walk

Pre-made signs featuring pages from picture books are available for events or long-term display, both indoors and out. There are multiple stories available, so check the catalog for more detail. Contact Juliette or Anja to request one.

VR Headsets

These standalone headsets don’t require a computer or smartphone to run the dozens of apps packed on them. From diving underwater and swimming with rare aquatic life, to entering the human bloodstream and learning about different blood cells, to floating through the International Space Station to learn about what astronauts are working on, there’s no limit to what you can experience in virtual reality. Request one today from our online catalog to pick it up from your local library.


What’s a Wonderbook? A Wonderbook is a print book with a ready-to-play audiobook inside. Simply open, press play, and read along! Kids also have the ability to swap over to learning mode for literacy learning questions. Wonderbooks are a fun and interactive way to get kids reading! You can find them on the online catalog today.