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Summer Reading at New York Libraries is an annual program that brings children and families into public libraries for reading and activities. Over 2.1 million New York children and teens participated in the State Library-sponsored program in 2016.

You and your children are invited to join your library’s Summer Reading program and attend the fun events they are planning for children of all ages. This summer’s theme, “A Universe of Stories” explores all kinds of topics.

Summer Reading activities very greatly from library to library. Many will host challenges and ways to record how many books kids and teens read over the summer. Some will host events and storytimes that revolve around the theme. A number of libraries will host Traveling Lantern Theatre Company in their rendition of My Mother the Astronaut. The play features a girl named Aquarius, whose mother is an astronaut working with NASA. On “take your child to work day”, Aquarius gets to visit Mission Control, where she learns from scientists and engineers about space travel while imagining what it’s like to travel beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

The public libraries care about your children and have planned programs to keep them reading and learning all summer. Whether you keep track of the amount of time your children spend reading or the number of books they have read this summer, children who join the Summer Reading program keep their minds active and enter school in the fall ready to learn and ready to succeed.

And remember, you are your child’s first teacher. Look at picture books with your younger children and point out people, animals, and objects in the pictures. Read to your children and ask them to read to you. Your librarian will be happy to help you find books that are just right. We hope that you and your family enjoy looking at books and reading. Together, you can discover the treasures of your library.

Summer Reading at New York Libraries – New York’s site that contains a ton of summer reading-related materials including reading lists for various age groups.

New York State Senate’s Summer Reading Program – NY Reads – Parents and guardians from across New York State use this site to track their children’s summer reading activity and share that progress with friends, family, and other parents.

A Universe of Stories with myON – As a part of Summer Reading at New York Libraries, the State Education Department and myON are partnering to bring thousands of enhanced digital books to children from birth through 8th grade and their families all around the state.

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  • L&E Resources
    Libraries can partner with their local Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Program to present any of the lessons being offered and Hunger Solutions New York (HSNY). HSNY features the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP), a federally funded program that enables qualified organizations – including public libraries – to serve free meals to kids and teens in low-income areas.
  • Ten Tips for School Collaboration
    A quick presentation designed by the staff a North Country Library System in PDF format.
  • The Importance of Summer Reading: Public Library Summer Reading Programs and Learning
    A document showcasing the impact of Summer Reading by Karen Balsen, Library Development Specialist and Douglas Moore, Graduate Assistant of the New York State Library.
  • Public Libraries and Effective Summer Learning: Opportunities for Assessment
    A document assembled by The Urban Libraries Council (ULC), The Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), Metropolitan Group (MG), and The National Summer Learning Association (NSLA) on tactics to assess summer activities to improve service. A more concise version is also available.
  • How CSLP can help you make friends at school!
    CSLP has posted a short tutorial on partnering with schools on Summer Reading so that you can begin thinking and talking about collaborations for next year.
  • Public Partners
    An article by Lisa Peet of Library Journal on public library/school partnerships from April 15, 2017.
  • Letter to Schools
    A template letter for your library to send to local school(s).
  • Community Summer Reading Projects
    Maureen Scholosser's blog is full of easy ideas that will engage learners of all ages during the busy summer months.
  • AASL Best Tools for Teaching and Learning
    Recognized for their exceptional value to inquiry-based teaching and learning by the American Association of School Librarians (AASL).
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