…get a library card?

The best way to get a library card is to contact or stop by the local library that’s most convenient for you. You can find a map or a list of libraries in our region, and click on a library to find out contact information and open hours.

We encourage you to contact the library of your choice and ask about obtaining a card. All New York residents are eligible to receive a free library card and library services, even if the town they live in does not have a library. Some libraries even offer online registration through their website and email. If you need further help, please contact your nearly library or info2@cefls.org.

…find my card number?

When you register for a card at one of the thirty libraries in our region, you will be provided a card or barcode number. This is what you will use to log in to the online catalog and the other online resources. If you receive a physical card, there is also a handy key tag you can keep on your keychain or attached to a backpack. When you use your library, a staff member will ask for you card or key tag to scan it when you check out items. When you log in to the online catalog, you’ll also be asked for your PIN, which is your library will provide you when you register. If you forget your PIN, you can contact your library or info2@cefls.org.

If you lose your card or forget your number, please contact your library to replace it. If you forget to bring your card to the library, in most cases you will still be able to check out books using another form of identification. However, it is much easier for staff to scan your card.

…find my PIN?

Your PIN is typically set as the last four digits of the phone number your library has on file for you. If your PIN is not working, you can contact your library or info2@cefls.org with your card number, name, and birth date for us to verify your information. If you want to change your PIN, you can contact your library or info2@cefls.org and it can be changed manually for you.

…renew my expired card?

After a set period of time depending on your library, your library card automatically expired. This helps libraries keep track of how many “active patrons” they serve, which they need to report to New York State each year. Most libraries will gladly renew your card if you stop by or contact them directly, typically using the time to verify that the information on your account is still current. If your card is close to expiring when you visit a library, the staff will let you know at that point and offer to renew the account for you. If your account is expired when you’re attempting to check out online materials, you will receive an error message. To rectify this, you can contact your library to renew your card. You can still contact info2@cefls.org for this, but the Library System is unable to fully renew your account; only your library can do so.

…pay fines?

At this time, fines for overdue or lost items can only be paid in person at the library or by mailing a check to the library. If there are significant fines on your account, you may be blocked from checking out items. You can check what fines are on your card by going to the online catalog and visiting the “My Account” section.

Need more help?

Feel free to contact your library or info2@cefls.org for more information!