To All Authors, Poets, and Photographers

What is an anthology?

An anthology is simply a published collection of writings. Included are poems, short stories, and personal narratives. For our anthology, we also accept photography.

Who is CEFLS?

CEFLS is the Clinton-Essex-Franklin Library System. We are an organization chartered by New York State created specifically to support and enhance library services in the three counties through our 30 member public libraries. Originally chartered in 1954, we are now celebrating our 70th anniversary.

Who can submit?

Anyone who lives, works, vacations, or has an interest in New York’s North Country.

What can I submit?

We are looking for poetry, short stories, and personal narratives, as well as photography. All submissions should be appropriate for a general audience.

Will I be published if I submit?

While we are looking for a varied and diverse authorship, we cannot guarantee that if you submit a work it will be chosen for publication. Because we expect to receive more entries than are possible to include in a single volume, there will be a submission committee deciding what will be published.

Can I submit multiple entries?

Yes. But the same rules about publication of any submission apply. We reserve the right to accept or reject any submission for publication. Each entry must be submitted separately.

Can I submit something previously published?

We ask that submissions be original works not previously published.

Is there a length limit for submissions?

Writings are limited to 6,000 words or less.

Who decides what gets published?

An anonymous committee of at least three persons will conference to decide which written pieces and photographs will be accepted for publication. All works will be anonymized for the review process, making for a double-blind jury. Selectors will not see the names of the submitters and submitters will not know who is judging. All work will be attributed to the original author or photographer when published.

How much does each submission cost?

Nothing. There is no cost to the author for submission or publication. However, if the author wants a copy of the anthology, they will have the opportunity to purchase a copy at a discounted price. Contributors may also purchase additional copies for family, friends, etc..

How do I submit?

See our submission form towards the bottom of the page.

Deadline: August 19, 2024

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  • This is my own original work. No other person or entity owns any rights associated with the work.

  • I grant CEFLS a non-exclusive license to publish the work without compensation to me of any kind.

  • I indemnify and hold harmless CEFLS, its Board of Trustees and/or its employees from any cause of action rising from the submission and/or publication of this work.

  • No remuneration of any kind will be paid the creator of the work, whether or not the work is published.

  • I acknowledge that all proceeds from the sale of the anthology belong to and are under the exclusive control of the CEFLS Board of Trustees.

  • I acknowledge that submission does not guarantee inclusion in the anthology.