CEF Staff Directory

  Telephone # E-mail address
Ewa Jankowska  Director 563-5190 x11 ejankowska@cefls.org
Michael Spofford, Finance Manager 563-5190 x12 mspofford@cefls.org
Dawn Recore, Administrative Assistant 563-5190 x10 drecore@cefls.org
Automation and Technical Services    
Betsy Brooks, Librarian III 563-5190 x35 bbrooks@cefls.org
Anja Bouchard, Librarian II 563-5190 x14 abouchard@cefls.org
Kim Fletcher, Principal
Library Clerk
563-5190x16 kfletcher@cefls.org
Alissa Vidulich, Library Page    
Outreach and Youth Services    
Julie Wever, Librarian III 563-5190 x18 jwever@cefls.org
Karen Batchelder, Principal
Library Clerk
563-5190 x20 kbatchelder@cefls.org
David Fuller, Senior Library Clerk 563-5190 x 22 dfuller@cefls.org
Rich Merritt, Van Driver    
Bob Welch, Van Driver    
Bill Bowen, Van Driver    

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