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Internet ant Technology Safety

Dedicated to educating users of connected technology about safety, privacy and security, ConnectSafety is where you’ll find research-based safety tips, parents’ guidebooks, advice, news and commentary on all aspects of tech use and policy.

“Through this network of support, iKeepSafe tracks global trends and issues surrounding digitally connected products and their effect on children. This research drives the continuous creation of positive resources for parents, educators and policymakers who teach youths how to use new media devices and platforms in safe and healthy ways.”

The home of the Federal Trade Committee’s free online security tips and resources, and share with your friends, family, coworkers, and community.

CEFLS’ own collection of resources for parents, educators, kids, and teens to help deal with cyberbullying.

Ready to Read at New York Libraries

Ready to Read GraphicReady to Read at New York Libraries is an initiative of the New York State Education Department designed to improve and expand the availability of high quality public library early learning services in local communities across the State. Through this initiative, families and caregivers will be provided with the knowledge needed to prepare their young children for their school years ahead. Check out their list of resources here.


Common Core Resources Engage is developed by the New York State Education Department and is the official web site for current materials and resources related to the New York State Board of Regents Reform Agenda. This comprehensive site describes itself as reflecting “the most current materials and resources available for educators”. It also includes parent and family resources. “Common Core and New York Libraries” page maintained by the New York State Library

More Common Core Resources for Libraries include:

Library Events

There are lots of good programs for children in public libraries in our area! Check them out on our calendar!

Try the Kid's Catalog!

This picture-based kid's catalog makes it fun to search for kids' books, audios and videos.

Downloadable Audiobooks for Kids

Our downloadable audiobooks recently added iPod compatible titles, and there are many good titles for children. To see what's available, click here to open a new search window.   To find out more about downloadable audiobooks, visit our how-to page.

Downloadable Ebooks for Kids

Many of our downloadable ebooks are great for children, and can be read on computers, ereaders and tablets. To see what's available, click here to open a new search window.  

Courtesy of Bonner Springs Library

Photo courtesy of Bonner Springs Library

The most called-upon prerequisite of a friend is  an accessible ear” – Maya Angelou

Thanks to a generous donation from Community Bank, CEFLS has purchased a collection of great titles that kids can read to dogs!  We’ve selected high interest titles for readers in grades K-6.  All titles have been added to our online catalog and are available for loan as individual titles or as a set.  For a list of available titles click here.

Why Dogs?

Learning to read is often less about intellectual limitation than about overcoming fears.  Animals are ideal reading companions because they:

  • Help increase relaxation and lower blood pressure

  • Listen attentively

  • Do not judge, laugh or criticize

  • Allow children to proceed at their own pace

  •  Are less intimidating than peers

    Photo courtesy of Fairfax Library Foundation


Reading Education Assistance Dogs

Get training packets and everything you need to get started with a dog therapy program at this site.  The mission of the R.E.A.D. program is to improve the literacy skills of children through the assistance of registered therapy teams as literacy mentors.

Therapy Dogs, Animal Assisted Therapy and Animal Assisted Activities Links

Parents and Kids:

Check out this important safety resource!

Homework Help

Here are some links that may help with homework! And don't forget to try Britannica Kids - an encyclopedia with a dictionary, maps, videos and tools to help you write a good research paper.  You can find it here, enter your barcode number from your library card and look for the "Jump to EB Kids" link in the upper right.

Resources for Parents

Click here for some great resources, such as links on web-safety for kids, and parenting links.

Resources for Libraries

On this page you'll find some resources for planning programs and services for kids at the library.