Annual Report Help Document and Statistical Reports

The 2016 Annual Report for Public and Association Libraries software is unlocked and ready for libraries to use. The software is available at and may also be accessed at

CEFLS staff are available to help. We will also be discussing the Annual Report at a meeting February 10, from 10 to noon at CEFLS.  Please consult the documents below for answers to many of the statistical questions. The 2016 Help Document goes question by question, and refers to the other reports, so please start there!  You can choose Acrobat (PDF) format if you prefer or don't have Word or Excel.

2016 Help Document - provides answers to some of the questions and guidance on where to get some  answers.
2016 Downloadable Circ Report
2016 New Additions
2016 Requests Received and Provided
2016 Special Holdings Report
2016 Visits to Library Page on CEFLS Website